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Document Preparation

Hello Property Owners! 

We hope, more than ever, that this email finds you well.  I’m Andrea, owner and founder of AndreaRentals, The Rental Concierge.  We provide concierge-level service for Bay Area owners and renters.  

I want to let you know about an underutilized support service that we provide for landlords and property owners: electronic document preparation & execution.

Do you have someone who wants to rent your property, but you’re unsure of what lease to use or what required documents should be included?  Do you need to offer your current tenant an extension on their current lease? Do you want someone to advise you on lease terms and take care of the paperwork so you can start collecting rent? Do you want to (or have to!) do these things via email? We’re here for you.  

We’ll draft and execute leases and lease extensions custom for your property, then send them out to be executed electronically by you and your tenants.  Rental rules and notice requirements change often, and differ from city to city. We keep up to date on the required municipal and state notifications and documents that need to accompany your lease, and will make sure you are covered.

AndreaRentals also offers full Rental Services and Tenant Concierge Services, should you prefer to have us handle everything for you.  

This email was in the hopper before the global Coronavirus pandemic changed the patterns of our daily lives, and now it feels even more relevant.  While these are unprecedented times and there is uncertainty in the market, securing housing is essential for some people at this time – and there are things we can do safely to keep serving our industry.  We are fortunate that much of what we do can be done via technology, and we aim to use that to its fullest! Our goal is to do right by our clients and by the public at large.

We’re working hard, albeit remotely.  We would love to chat via phone, email or Zoom if you have any questions about AndreaRentals, the Rental Concierge, the services we offer, and our fee structure.  Here is the best way to contact us:




Andrea, Servane, Stephanie, and Laura

[The AndreaRentals Team]
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