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Have you heard about Casual Carpool?

One of the most common requests from our renters is that they be “close to transportation.”  The reality is there are only so many BART stations and there are LOTS of cool places to live that, unfortunately, are not at all close to them.  But we are the East Bay, savvy front runners of the sharing economy, and a solution exists that may surprise you, especially if you learned early on that you should avoid getting in a stranger’s car:  the casual carpool.  

There are currently 24 locations in 12 East Bay cities where you can wait in line with your fellow SF office workers, hop into a stranger’s car, be chauffeured over the Bay Bridge in (variable) style, and dropped off downtown for a mere $1 donation.  

Sounds impossible or too good to be true, but in fact, the casual carpool has been helping people get to work without a BART station since the 1970’s and it’s still going strong.  There are official etiquette and rules, outlined here on the SF Casual Carpool website.  There are also some quirky details that only veteran riders can speak to – one of which is that passengers, ironically, rarely speak.  Brandon Mercer, carpool passenger and SFGate writer, has documented the experience here, with funny photos to boot.

So go ahead, consider that house off the BART line!  Your fellow man will get you to work on time. Though … you may need to Uber home.

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