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How AndreaRentals Will Work During the Shelter-in-Place Order

First of all – how are you?  WELL, we hope, and holding steady as we navigate our new normal.

AndreaRentals is committed to working and keeping business moving in safe ways, avoiding physical interaction as necessary, while our local Shelter in Place is in effect and beyond.  We are fortunate that much of what we do can be done via technology, and we have been using that to its fullest. Our goal is to do right by our clients and by the public at large.  Andrea, Servane, Stephanie and Laura are working remotely, but otherwise – we are business as usual (with more outdoor chats and lots more Zoom.)

I am thrilled to say that since the Shelter in Place ordinance was first issued, the rental market has kept more or less steady and is pacing close to what we would expect for a “regular” spring.  This is good news for us all!  

Here’s an overview of how we’re working for both our Rental and Tenant Concierge clients:

For our Rentals:  

*We will market all properties with photographs and an in-depth video walk-through tour.  If the property is occupied, we will work with the current tenant to get pictures and a video walkthrough to use for prospective new tenants. 

*We will respond to all serious inquiries by first sending the video tour.  If, after seeing the video tour, interested parties think they’d like to move forward, they must complete the AndreaRentals application process.

*If AR deems the application solid, we will arrange for the applicant to visit the property in person. New guidance from the state allows for in person viewings with safety restrictions.  All people who visit properties in person will receive and sign a Coronavirus safety guideline and release form.  

*If the applicant wants to move forward, we will fully process the application, run credit, and present applicants to owners via email. 

*We will continue to do all money transfer and lease signing online.

*We will complete our Move In Inspections and photos prior to tenant move in, and arrange for key transfers via lockbox or our dropbox.

For our Tenant Concierge clients:

*We will continue to search (online and through our network) for matching properties for our relocating clients, and send links to all possibilities

*We will set up virtual tours for all properties our clients are interested in, and arrange for in-person visits for potential properties whenever possible.

*We will continue to hand-hold the entire process and do everything possible to ensure you get the house you want!

For everyone:

*We will extend agreement dates as necessary, with no penalty, to account for any physical movement restrictions related to the pandemic and the uncertainty in the market.

*We are all healthy.  We will never send anyone who has even a suspected sniffle into any home.  We will wear gloves, masks, and wipe down what we touch.

We know that everyone needs a place to call home – now more than ever.  And we know that rents on investment property are a necessary source of income for our owners – now more than ever.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions, concerns or ideas. We’re small and nimble, so let’s think out of the box.

Take care,

Andrea, Servane, Stephanie, and Laura

[The AndreaRentals Team]

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