We meet.
We talk about what you need
We come up with a plan to make it happen


To find you excellent tenants, we will:

  • Identify any improvements or upkeep that will add to the allure of your space.
  • Find nearby comps and target market value for the unit.
  • Market the property.
  • Field all responses.
  • Arrange property showings.
  • Vet applicants (credit check, employment verification, contact references, etc.).
  • Submit qualified applicants to you for review.
  • Prepare the lease.
  • Arrange lease signing, walk through, and key transfer.


  • Flat One-Time Fee: 80% of one month’s rent.
    $2250 Minimum.
    (No monthly property management fees.)

Additional Services:

  • AndreaRentals is available to Project Manage improvements that will improve the value of your property prior to leasing, as well as anything that comes up during the lease term that you need additional assistance with.
  • We handle lease additions, renewals, or extensions for a flat fee.
  • There is a $150 Consultation Fee to visit your property, assess potential rental pricing and strategies, and outline any changes/improvements that may be needed.
    This fee is waived if you use AndreaRentals to find your tenants.